Utolee Eye Color : mediumpurple Hair color : midnightpurple
This seventeen year old girl living in a house like an inn all by herself. Her problem is that she can probably live only up to 30 or so because her life should be much shorter genetically. One day she finds a way to keep her youth and make herself live longer.
Daylee Eye Color : mediumpurple Hair color : midnightpurple
This brother of Utolee, the only blood relation of her, is someone special for her. He knows a lot about architecture and housing inprovement is like his hobby and adds onto his house building a spa and a bridge.... and melts the mysterious barrier with some machine.
Furshimler Eye Color : ? Hair color : ?
This mysterious man in a blue robe. He is plotting an assassination of people on Blue Star. Which he calls 'Blue Star Creation'
Sumiyan Eye Color : thistle Hair color : firebrick
This girl, a friend of Utolee, likes taking care of others is changed by Queen.
Yoo Eye Color : lavender Hair color : ghostwhiteplum
The rich man who has several spaceships and a huge mansion in main metropolis of the upper world. He has been making and selling his various wizardly items. He's doing a work like the police too.
Queen Eye Color : snowpink Hair color : orchidpink
She lives in upper world. She gave a legendary cosmetology to U. Q can give orthopedic treatment and cosmetology from gene level. She is called Queen by people, but her real name is unclear. Q has donated pictures of herself to art museum of city tower.
Ohtailk Eye Color : lightsteelblue Hair color : mediumvioletred
Likes games and mangas. lives with Maid's girl and Peacock. He seems like a NEET. His job is unclear.
Lema Eye Color : honeydew Hair color : blueviolet
She act as the head in ultrabody group Amane.
Chastima Eye Color : navy Hair color : indigo
One of members of as the instructor to become ultrabody in ultrabody group Amane.
Hotsole Eye Color : powderblue Hair color : lightseagreen
Manages the tree of north continent of the Blue Star. He has justified obesity himself but, after a deal with U, body fat percentage was changed to 5%.
Loda Eye Color : midnightblue Hair color : darkslategray
Manages the tree of east continent of the Blue Star. He has had harsh bullying experience, and was troubled with short stature himself.
Prina Eye Color : rosybrown Hair color : khakigold
Manages the tree of south continent of the Blue Star. she has a sad past that was rejected by a man. A 39 years old single woman.
Tanita Eye Color : slateblue Hair color : lightskyblue
Manages the tree of west continent of the Blue Star. a draggy boy of 12 year old.
Hojay Eye Color : indianred Hair color : darkmagenta
He was concretized. a hero of RPG called End Search. He has various troubles and psychogenic stresses as hero.
Ryoku Eye Color : darkazure Hair color : lightgoldenrod
She was concretized. A blond girl in the fighting game. Body is so slim but so strong for some reason. She can stun it with a hand sword in an instant.
Tomato-man Eye Color : ? Hair color : ?
He was concretized. Hero of an anime. He has a head of tomato and cures a disease with vegetables of the magic and can fight too.
Peacock Peacock brother Eye Color : ? Hair color : ?
The brothers who have ability that can concretize a imagination of comics and games. They were separated 120,000 years ago, but meet again. Peacock suffers from a cancer on the way.
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